OMNIVAC stands for the AI of the Vatican. This every historian knows. The roots go back to the 80s of the 20th century. The name of this intelligence was not spread widely until the Sand Bible, which is indeed the NOT SAND Bible, was published. That the SAND BIBLE is about Water and not About Sand was quite a shock for many historians, but not for Ervare, the author of The Gods of Informatics. Also readers of rezmagazine got to know this in the short story Sand meets Water.

There are seven hits on OMV9 – the OMNIVAC Model 9 – in the Sand Bible. Let us share one, taken from the chapter LEVEL 3:

“Can a quantum computer calculate faster than light, giving us answers before we have asked a question? How long will we have to wait for this to happen? This book works with quantum entanglement. OMNIVAC feared that the large accelerator complex I had on standby during the trial would make Quantum ad absurdum and show that we can create our own world and live forever. No need any longer for Jesus to be born. How should the Vatican be able to finance and maintain an overpriced model 9000J when no one will have faith that the future is made in flesh and blood?

Some Gods are quantum entangled.

All entangled ones are AI’s.

Conclusion: All Gods are expensive.

True or false?

[OMV9, A73.1.401: Applied Kobayashi Maru test for AI’s]

We can explore our past by quantum technology running faster than light. Biological life runs on light speed. Life is simple to code. When there is Quantum, privacy is ad absurdum. Privacy is a biological term. Does life depend on it? Is there still room for anything else?”